The Secret to Moving Beyond Positive Thinking

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In the recent movie, “The Secret,” self growth and personal development luminaries like Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale discussed something called “The Law of Attraction.” Now, it seems that even Larry King (The Larry King Live Show) is getting into the act. Why such the fuss over what proponents claim is a centuries old “Secret”?

On November 2, 2006, Larry King starts (or started, depending on when you’re reading this article) a two-part series on “Beyond Positive Thinking.” He’s got such figures as Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Dr. John Demartini, Joe Vitale, and Jack Canfield (“Chicken Soup for the Soul”) roaming through, giving their individual takes on the laws of attraction.

OK, then.

While their efforts are admirable, and the information presented in “The Secret” is invaluable, they keep leaving out crucial pieces when discussing the laws of attraction and positive thinking. Our journey stated after watching the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know,” about a half-dozen times. Great theories, we thought. But what’s next? How do we apply the laws of attraction on a daily basis in our lives?

Understanding the practical applications of positive thinking and the laws of attraction became our quest. We tried to “think good thoughts,” but we stayed on the ground. We drew smiley faces all over our bodies (thankfully, with water-based pens), but not much changed. That’s when we came up with this four-step process for applying the laws of attraction in our lives. Here’s a brief synopsis of the four steps to “Conscious Creation”:

Step One: Decide

Hey, most folks skip this step. They come in to the process with a million and one goals or things they want. Yet, they never make a firm decision on any of them. The treat it more like a list of possibilities, happy to have any one come to fruition. That’s not how to take advantage of the natural laws of the universe. Decision is absolutely critical to the laws of attraction, and is barely mentioned in “The Secret.”

Step Two: Desire – Envision – Commit

Emotion plays a huge role in conscious creation, as does your imagination. If you just sort of, kind of decide you want something, then you’ll certainly run at the first sign of trouble or challenge. Then, we all know that whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve (Napoleon Hill). If you can imagine it clearly in your mind, then you can achieve it. Athletes know this, as does most highly successful people. Finally, in this step, you must fully commit to your decision. You are committed to your goals, and nothing will sway you. Few people willingly take this step because, “what if it doesn’t work?”

Step Three: Expect

You’ve likely heard the restaurant analogy. You order your food, then go back to your conversation. You expect your food to be delivered. When you’re fully committed to something about which you are passionate, then all manner of events and circumstances will take place to lead you there. If you don’t expect these, you won’t be watching for them and will miss most opportunities. When you DO expect them, you’ll be on the look out for synchronicities, ready and willing to take advantage of each. This is what is called the “Art of Allowing” in law of attraction terms.

Step Four: Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-HAVE

This is a cycle of action, reflection, action, reflection, action, reflection, and receiving. You’ll take action towards what you want as you BE that which you are moving towards. The being and action take place in the present. As you “be” and act, new circumstances, events, opportunities, and people are brought to you. You continue to take action, being the person who sees and experiences success. And, you receive what you want, and often more.

We now have several thousand people following this plan, and by gosh and golly, it works. So, please – watch “The Secret” and Larry King Live. Then, go way, way beyond positive thinking by following the steps I’ve outlined above.

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