Teaching Children Words of Wisdom

Amy Twain asked:

We are living in a society wherein words of wisdom are passed on from one generation to another. Since we were children, our parents instilled in our minds beliefs and knowledge they have learned from their ancestors. Those helped and guided us in making good and smart decisions as we go through life. So, we have thought of teaching our children the wisdom we have learned and acquired for so many years. But doing this is not as easy as pie. It has to undergo a certain process and this will take time. Having enough knowledge and ideas about words of wisdom is not enough.

We must know how to share in a better way wherein they are getting and absorbing what is intended to be learned. Children are considered to be restless and playful. By just telling them about these words of wisdom won’t interest them much if we don’t give extra effort. We need a proper time and venue. Sharing beliefs to children is best at mealtime. They are eating, they can’t go anywhere. They will be listening to whatever we say. With this, we can start teaching them words of wisdom. We can start by asking them questions like what happened during the day or what they have learned from school.

By then, teaching and learning are on the go. But again, we need to put in mind that sharing words of wisdom to the young ones is difficult. Since we have found a right time and place in doing it, we must make it a daily routine. Through this, we are not only teaching them but as parents we are also learning from them. It is knowledge we gathered for so many years that we share to our children. And surprisingly, we are also learning from our children though they have actually little knowledge of the facts and realities of life.

There are many words of wisdom to share to our children but we have to be careful in choosing. They might absorb beliefs and knowledge they are not ready to learn. So we have to do it step by step as they grow older. Here are some words of wisdom we can share to our children.Before you say something against other people, think that person is beside you. See the reaction and what the person would feel and surely you would also feel the same way if someone says negative things about you. Making a mistake is not a reason to give up but instead learn something from it.

Make it a challenge to keep on moving successfully in life. Don’t try to keep secrets because sooner or later, it won’t be secrets anymore. Someone will find out about it. And here is one little wisdom we can share to our children that will help them become successful if they enter the business world. Tell them to always throw an “ALSO”. This means you’re not only doing the work you’re required but you’re doing more than expected. This will make you a better person and work will always follow after you. You will be in great demand wherever you go in life.

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