Success Affirmations – Using Affirmations For Success With Your Goal of Financial Abundance!

Marlene Shiple, Ph.D. asked:

Positive thinking is not magic. It is not something born out of sorcery. Rather, positive thinking focuses your beliefs and energies into the total achievement of your goals.

Positive thinking is a concept that you can achieve the things that you want in life by clearing your mind of the drag and overload provided by negative or pessimistic attitude. Putting positive thinking first can give you the determination and the discipline to attain your goal of financial success.

Research shows that people who believe in positive thinking as a key to becoming wealthy, are more adamant in their quest for success. Research further supports that such people are more resilient to any disappointments or stumbling blocks that come their way.

Positive thinking is the crucial ingredient to alter your perceptions from being pessimistic to being a believer of success. As a believer of success, you hold that whatever you want out of life is possible. The plans that lead to your financial success are put into action with positive thinking — it is the food from which your conviction for success can grow.

One way to bring Positive Thinking into Action in your life is through the use of Affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements with a goal-oriented focus. Affirmations are statements that you repeat so often that their ideas are able to penetrate your subconscious mind where they are brought into reality.

The following are examples of Affirmations that you can use to create Financial Abundance in your life. You can use these as models to create your own, too:

1. I accept abundance into my life — financially, physically and materially!

2. I delight in feeling relaxed and at ease where my financial affairs are concerned!

3. I enjoy money and use it responsibly with joyfulness and generosity!

4. I release all beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that hold me back from financial success!

5. I thrive in the generous flow of abundance in my life!

I encourage you to use these Affirmations over and over to create Financial Abundance in your life.

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