Staying Positive – Why Do Some People Stay Positive in Bad Situations?

Dave Cleary asked:

Does staying positive in negative situations make you a better person? Did you ever wonder about whether you’re a positive person or not? Can the power of positive thinking really make a difference to your life? These are just some of the questions many of us ask ourselves especially when our lives are not working out the way we planned. Some people will thrive in bad situations, their survival gene kicks in and they relish the fact that they have a real challenge on their hands. Others however will not do too well in bad situations and they will find it really difficult to carry on.

There are some who say it’s all about how you view the world and the situation you’re in. These people will say things like having some positive thoughts for the day will really make the difference. Just by thinking positively, you’ll change the outcome of any situation. You may have seen those survival programs on TV, the ones where they’re about to starve or die of thirst, even though there’s a camera crew filming them!!, we’ll you get the point, these TV survivors are trying to get the message across that if you stay positive even when in such dire situations, you may just buy yourself some more time and get rescued.

Whatever the situation you’re in, it’s true, staying positive can have a real effect on the way things will turn out. When we use positive thinking affirmations, we change the way our mind works and this is the key to getting the results we want. By changing the way our mind works we can come up with new ideas and see things which we couldn’t see before. You’ll always hear people saying, cheer up, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, we’ll, they may just be right. So, if you’re in a situation which you think there’s no way out of, just use some positive thinking techniques.

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